KaRo's gmic builds for Mac

This file consists of a gmic command-line-interfaces (cli) and the gmic_gimp plugin. The cli is linked against MacPorts (/Volumes/Macgmic/cli/gmic). The gmic plugin (/Volumes/Macgmic/gimp/gmic_gimp rspw. gmic_gimp2) are linked against libraries in the Gimp bundle using the mechanism adoped there in. Gimp is creating upon start a symbolic link under /tmp/skl/Gimp!

Typical Gimp users have only to copy the plugin gmic_gimp to the user plugins folder set in the Gimp preferences!
Gimp users take care using the referenced Gimp build, actually 2.8.18, from GIMPonOSX rspw. 2.8.20, from GIMP!

Users of the cli MacPorts build need installed MacPorts at standard location /opt/local !

Folders in the dmg file

gmic build linked against MacPorts
gmic_gimp rspw. gmic_gimp2 build linked against libraries in GIMP.app bundle from GIMPonOSX with display X11 for interactive functions.
gmic_gimp_n2 build linked against libraries in GIMP.app bundle from GIMP

Stable builds
Folder: http://karo03.bplaced.de/gmic/rel/
latest stable build 1.7.9 md5: c568854849328a53822c6e6484cdc876
only for Gimp 2.8.14 from GimponOSX !!
Latest GIT builds
Folder: http://karo03.bplaced.de/gmic/git/
latest git build 2.0.0 (pre-release #022717) md5: 547b4ac9f9b647b712a4fa160ea44228
gmic_gimp2 only for Gimp 2.8.18 for Sierra from GimponOSX !!
gmic_gimp_n2 only for Gimp 2.8.20 native build from Gimp.org !! (without X11 interactive support and some options)

27.02.17, 11:55

For information or problems, send mail to karo<zero><three>de at gmail dot com